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My Apostle's Vision for this Generation

My vision for our N.E.A.R. Collaborative Youth (New Era Apostleship Restitution) & local Congregation of the Mighty Youth Group is to cultivate a generation that knows the Lord. When studying the term 'know', I discovered that it means to perceive a thing to be identical with anotherbe able to distinguishperceive or understand as a fact or truthknow how (to do something) [].  As the Apostle of the Future, my passion is to equip young people with resources to learn who the Lord truly is, why He created them, what He has in store for His Kingdom, and the role each young person will play in His plan. 


Each week in Youth Group, we review Scripture revelation or engage in challenging review games and competitions. Our teens learn how the Word is connected to everyday life, what they should do when temptation is knocking, how to develop a Godly lifestyle, and more.

If you want your young people age 13-21 to join us virtually via Zoom or learn more about our Congregation of the Mighty Youth Group, click here.

N.E.A.R. Youth Conference.jpg
N.E.A.R. Youth Conference 2022

Stop by my e-store for resources focused on Teaching Teens About Freewill, Teaching Teens About Consequences, The Power of Profanity: A Teen Guide for Why Profanity is a Problem for God, and more!


  • Why obeying and honoring your parents is a good idea.

  • How to handle sexual peer pressure.

  • Exploring True from False Doctrine.

  • Understanding the importance of honoring your word and when you shouldn't make a promise to keep a secret or when it's okay to tell a secret.

  • How your decisions as a teenager affect the rest of your life.

  • Financial planning & responsibility.

  • How to truly worship the Lord.

  • Taking a Stand for Jesus Christ in school.

Youth Conference Session About Financial Planning 2022

Join us in person at The Congregation of the Mighty or

Click the link below to join us live on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM CST.

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