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The Book of Ruth Youth Scripture Study Guide is Here!

Learning the Mind of God One Book at a Time

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Your Youth Scripture Study Guide Includes

Book Summary Stats & Facts

What was God Thinking

Learn General Bible and Ruth's Specific Stats and Facts: Total Chapters, Total Word Count, Pivotal Individuals, Relevant Geography

The Book Summary includes an overview narrative of the entire book and a few challenging questions for the teens.    

What was God Thinking answers a pivotal question many people want to know. Why was this book included in the Bible? Another way to ask is, “Why did the Lord choose this particular route (or people) to move through time and space?”

Chapter Highlights

We're breaking down the Book of Ruth chapter by chapter, highlighting essential elements for teens to remember.

Scripture Cornerstones

A cornerstone is a stone that lies at the corner of two walls and unites them; that on which anything is founded. Our Scripture Cornerstones are the key scriptures or scripture passages that provide a hinge to the book. Sometimes cornerstone scriptures are recurring prophecies or promises from God. At the same time, others might be profound statements from the Lord.

Contemporary Connections

How are our Scripture studies relevant to, connected to, or different from our present time? Contemporary Connections debunks the ideology many teens have about the Bible as old-fashioned and outdated. 


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